Smithridge Healthcare Captures New Investment & Welcomes Additional Equity Partners

Wolverhampton based Smithridge Healthcare is excited to announce new investment and two new additional equity partners that will focus on business functions dedicated to making future ready, consumer centric hubs across the UK.

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Appeal to Remove the Charge for Lateral Flow Tests

Opposition has arisen over the new government decision to charge money for COVID-19 lateral flow tests, a survey conducted on behalf of the Alzheimer’s Society has found that more than a thousand people have written to their MPs to rethink the decision and keep free testing for care home visitors.

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New Project Brings Children and The Elderly Together

'Care Home Friends' is a new project created by 'Care Home Friends and Neighbours Intergenerational Linking'.

The project offers schools a programme of activities to generate an understanding about older generations and to make children aware of life within care homes. Their aim for this project is to "boost children's self-esteem, broaden their world view and improve empathy and understanding of others" (T. Owen, Director of My Home Life).

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63,000 Jobs Added to The Healthcare Sector

In February 2022, 63,500 jobs were added into the Healthcare Sector!

With the pandemic putting a huge strain on the Healthcare Sector for the past two years, a sudden surplus of jobs within the the industry is widely welcomed and much needed!

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National Reflection Day

The 23rd of March is now known as National reflection day. Organised by the charity 'Marie Curie', National Reflection day gives people across the UK a chance to remember those who passed away during the two year pandemic, as well as acknowledging the staff within the Healthcare sector and the families that have lost relatives due to COVID-19.

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Risk of Care Home Closures

Care homes are at risk of a mass closure after the new cap on care costs were brought in. "England's largest councils and care providers said the government has 'seriously underestimated' the cost of its proposals by at least £850 million a year. (Martin, 2022)

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People Will Have to Pay to Visit Family in Care Homes

The new rule regarding COVID testing packs is set to change on April 1st. The new rule means people will have to physically purchase COVID tests due to the excessive cost of keeping the tests free to take from the nearest Pharmacy. This could cause potential strain for family members with residents living in care homes.

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'No Jab, No Job' to be Revoked

The mandatory COVID-19 vaccination rule will be revoked on March 15th 2022 according to The Department of Health. But what does this mean for the 40,000 Health Care workers who have already lost their job because of the mandate that was put in place since November 2021?

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By now, we've all heard about Coronavirus also known as COVID 19.

Manifesting itself late last year to early this year and finding it's beginnings in Wuhan China, the illness is spreading fast and has even seen entire countries such as Italy go into full lockdown

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Expansion into Birmingham

Expansion is the key to progression, not just in the Healthcare industry but in all walks of life!

That's why Smithridge Healthcare is expanding it's already renowned services to the City of Birmingham and surronding areas!

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Career Opportunites

As a leading force in the world of Healthcare Support, Smithridge is always on the look out for experienced Healthcare Professionals to add to our thriving team of professionals.

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