By now, we've all heard about Coronavirus also known as COVID_19.

Manifesting itself late last year to early this year and finding it's beginnings in Wuhan China, the illness is spreading fast and has even seen entire countries such as Italy go into full lockdown


Originating among animals, the virus is thought to have originally found it's host in Bats and until now, there has never been a case of this virus reported in humans. Bats are in fact notorius for being host to a plethora of what we call 'zootonic diseases' such as HIV, Rabies and Ebola...


Reprots suggest that a "wet market" in Wuhan was where the situation began, as the market in question had both live and deceased animals at the stall, with slaughter occuring onsite... At some point (perhaps inevitably by the sound of the conditions) the virus found it's way to a human host and the result is the situation we're presently experiencing.


Isolated originally to it's country of origin, it has not taken long for the condition to find it's way overseas. Cases have been reported in significant numbers in countires such as; Denmark, Canada, Brazil, Greece, Czech Republic, the USA and of course right here in the UK. As we touched upon already, perhaps the most prominent case globally is in the country of Italy, where things have escelated to such an extent that the country has initiated a full lockdown, with a curfew on the streets....


While this all admittedly sounds a little scary and may conjur images in your mind of a post apocalyptoc dystopian landscape, perspective is important and context is king. The available advice from the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as Public Health England, tells us that the number of cases (here in the UK at least) is not yet critical. Moreover, the level of risk has been described by the self same aforementioned bodies as 'moderate at best.'


It's important to note that Medical Diagnosticians have made us all aware of the fact that Coronavirus is likely to be fatal only in the event of sufferers already havng underlying health issues. For the average person, symptoms of the virus are basically being compared to the flu. So while not pleasant by any means, most who contract COVID_19 will be absolutely fine after a week or two. The most important piece of advice available has been to 'self-isolate' in the event that symptoms of Coronavirus are displayed. Self-Isolating (basically going home and not going out until you're better) is the best way for us to limit the spread of the virus.


It has also been heavily encouraged by the available sources of advice that members of the puplic engage in regular hand-washing and observe best hygiene practices while limiting human contact.


As a business, Smithridge Healthcare is taking it's own specific measures to help with the situation:


For the time being, we are holding no interviews at Smithridge HQ and we are also not carrying out visits with new clients, taking guests in our offices only if deemed absoulte necesarry.


The aim of this temporary measure is to limit human interction to an absolute minimum until the situation runs its course and as a result, greatly reduce the possibility of spreading the virus.


We are also carrying out regular disinfection of the communal areas of our HQ.


If you're worried about the Coronavirus situation and would like regularly updated information and advice, the World Health Organizaton (WHO) is the best source available:



In the meantime Smithridge Healthcare has the appropriate plans in place to ensure that our business will continue to run smoothy, efficiently and relaibly, maintaining the fact that always; we're a service you can trust!



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