Expansion is the key to progression, not just in the Healthcare industry but in all walks of life!


That's why Smithridge Healthcare is expanding it's already renowned services to the City of Birmingham and surronding areas!


As a Healthcare agency supplying Registered Nurses, Heealthcare Assistant's and Support Workers into various healthcare settings, Smithridge takes it's dedication to quality, reliability, professionalism and integrity very seriously indeed. We understand that it is our responsibility to deliver service of the highest order, which is why we look to recruit the most exceptional, caring and dedicated individuals out there to join our thriving team of workers....


With a solidly impressive reputation already in place across other regions of the West Midlands, Smithridge now aims to establish this same footprint of distinction in the Birmingham area.


We are already making fast progress, as we build dialogues and gather work opportunities across the region. As a responsible agency supplier, we're more than keen to be approached by prospective users such as Care Homes or other Specialist Support facilities hoping to cover shifts with exceptional staff.


In order to make this happen, we're also naturally looking to attract the best workers out there who are looking not only for shift flexibility, but also to make the most positive difference they can in Healthcare settings across Birmingham. If you're an experiened Healthcare Professional and you feel that you are a difference maker, or if you're a Birmingham based Care Home that could do with some difference makers on your shifts (we have plenty to offer already) then get in touch with Birmingham Manager Faye Jones on the details below!



Faye Jones

Birmingham Branch Manager

Smithridge Healthcare Ltd

Tel: 0121 667 2390

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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